Meaning of Research Methodology

Meaning of Research MethodologyWis the point of having this section in your research project? Isn't it enough that you've collected the necessary information, analyzed it and presented the logical conclusions? No one is to deny that it took you a lot of efforts to do that but methodology is as important as any other section of your paper. The scientific community needs it to understand the methods you used for collecting and analyzing the data. This is actually a fun part of your project as you get to describe the hell you had to go through before arriving at the final conclusions.

It is not only a significant point of discussion for the committee but also the future generations of researchers. Some of them might decide to question your hypothesis using diverse procedures and check the findings. The meaning of research methodology might be deeper than you initially thought. It may be quite exhausting and time-consuming to write it as you will need to go into details. can help you with turning this section into a piece of cake for you. Our experts do not find writing this section boring and can assist you.

Things to Keep in Mind
Choose the most reliable method to analyze the data you've collected. Otherwise, your results might turn out to be nonobjective and statistically unreliable.

  • State the reasons for choosing this particular method for your research. You should provide some arguments supporting your decision as there are many approaches to choose from.
  • It is not enough to simply name the method and move on as the readers will be interested to know if your approach was used correctly. Did the respondents of your questionnaire have enough answer options? Were your questions unbiased? Think about these questions to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Size matters. At least sample size does. Make sure your sample was large enough to provide you with statistically correct findings.
  • Include the description of the problems you came across while collecting the data. You should not only name them but also explain why they had no major impact on the final results.

You already know that there are two main approaches to collecting and interpreting data for a research - qualitative and quantitative. While the focus of the first one is all about opinions and motivations, the second one is aimed at analyzing the numerical data.

To do a qualitative research, you can use a focus group. Collecting the opinions of people and breaking the results into several groups can help you find something interesting. Quantitative research uses measurable data. With the fast development of the digital world, you can use online polls and surveys to collect the necessary information. Paper surveys will take more time to create but the results will not disappoint you. SPSS is a useful tool that helps you find the interesting correlations and make logical conclusions faster.

Do Not Repeat the Mistakes of Others
It might be tempting to exaggerate some of the results to get the expected outcome. We highly recommend you to avoid this approach. The main idea of such a detailed description of the research methods is to make sure any scholar is able to repeat it in the future. If someone does it and the results turn out to be far from the ones you seem to have received, there might be some problems. It is like using someone else's quote as your own statement hoping that no one will find out about it. We are living in the world where it is quite easy to check a fact using online and offline resources. Here are some more things to look out for:

  1. Unnecessary background details. Do not write about something that can be interpreted as excessive information. Concentrate on the essential points and stay on the topic.
  2. Forgetting about your target audience. It might slip your mind that the readers of this section are familiar with the methodology approaches. This is not the first paper they have to analyze. Make sure to avoid writing about obvious things and just assume the committee already knows everything about them.
  3. Ignoring the difficulties. You will encounter problems at some point. Do not pretend that you live in the perfect world where everything works out to be the way you want. Address those difficulties and describe the solutions you came up with to overcome them.

Use the Help of Others
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